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TitleAuthorTypeCall Number
12th of Never Patterson, James Large Print Fiction LP FIC PAT 
A Conspiracy of Paper Liss, David Large Print Fiction LP FIC LIS 
A Cowboy's Touch Hunter, Denise Fiction FIC HUN 
A Dangerous Age Gilchrist, Ellen Large Print Fiction LP FIC GIL 
A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the White House Osgood, Charles Large Print Nonfiction LP 973.09 OSG 
Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World Greenspan, Alan Large Print Nonfiction LP 332.1 GRE 
Ain' Myth-behaving MacAlister, Katie Large Print Fiction LP FIC Mac 
Ali and Nino Said, Kurban Large Print Fiction LP FIC SAI 
Alibi Kanon, Joseph Large Print Fiction LP FIC KAN 
All Is Vanity: a novel Schwarz, Christina Large Print Fiction LP FIC SCH 
All Other Nights Horn, Dara Large Print Fiction LP FIC HOR 
A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier Beal, Ishmael Large Print Nonfiction LP 966.404 BEA 
Always By My Side: A Father's Grace and Sports Journey Unlike Any Other Nantz, Jim Large Print Nonfiction LP 796.092 NAN 
An Imperfect God: George Washington, his Slaves, and the Creation of America Wiencek, Henry Large Print Biography LP 92 WAS 
A Quiet Belief in Angels Ellory, Roger Jon Large Print Fiction LP FIC ELL 
A Spectacle of Corruption Liss, David Large Print Fiction LP FIC LIS 
Baby Brother's Blues Cleage, Pearl Large Print Fiction LP FIC CLE 
Borrower of the Night Peters, Elizabeth Large Print Fiction LP FIC PET 
Changing Faces Roby, Kimberla Lawson Large Print Fiction LP FIC ROB 
Cinders Brett, Jan Easy E 398.2 BRE 
Civil to Strangers: and other writings Pym, Barbara Large Print Fiction LP FIC PYM 
Close Your Eyes Johansen, Iris Fiction FIC JOH 
Come Sunday Morley, Isla Large Print Fiction LP FIC MOR 
Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage Gilbert, Elizabeth Large Print Nonfiction LP 306.81 GIL 
Darkness Falls Mills, Kyle Large Print Fiction LP FIC MIL 
Day After night Diamant, Anita Large Print Fiction LP FIC DIA 
Death with Interruptions Saramago, Jose Large Print Fiction LP FIC SAR 
Dedication McLaughlin, Emma Large Print Fiction LP FIC McL 
Diary of a Bad Year Coetzee, J. M. Large Print Fiction LP FIC COE 
Dinner with Anna Karenina Goldreich, Gloria Large Print Fiction LP FIC GOL 
Dreamers of the Day Russell, Mary Doria Large Print Fiction  LP FIC RUS 
Eureka Lehrer, James Large Print Fiction LP FIC LEH 
Final Theory Alpert, Mark Large Print Fiction LP FIC ALP 
Fine Just the Way It Is Proulx, Annie Large Print Fiction LP FIC PRO 
Fireworks over Toccoa Stepakoff, Jeffrey Large Print Fiction LP FIC STE 
For Every Season Woodsmall, Cindy Fiction FIC WOO 
Generosity: An Enhancement Powers, Richard Large Print Fiction LP FIC POW 
Getting to Happy McMillan, Terry Large Print Fiction LP FIC McM 
Gilead Robinson, Marilynne Large Print Fiction LP FIC ROB 
Guiding Light: Jonathan's Story London, Julia Large Print Fiction LP FIC LON 
Healing Brunstetter, Wanda Fiction FIC BRU 
Healing Grace Shriver, Beth Fiction FIC SHR 
I Am Charlotte Simmons Wolfe, Tom Large Print Fiction LP FIC WOL 
I Never Played the Game Cosell, Howard Large Print Biography LP 92 COS 
In the Groove Britton, Pamela Large Print Fiction LP FIC BRI 
In the Kitchen Ali, Monica Large Print Fiction LP FIC ALI 
In the Shadow of the Cypress Steinbeck, Thomas Large Print Fiction LP FIC STE 
Katie's Forever Promise Eicher, Jerry S. Fiction FIC EIC 
Keeping Watch King, Laurie R. Large Print Fiction LP FIC KIN 
Lack of the Irish: a mystery set at the University of Notre Dame McInerny, Ralph M. Large Print Fiction LP FIC McI 
Lord John and the Private Matter Gabaldon, Diana Large Print Fiction LP FIC GAB 
Love and Honor Wallace, Randall Large Print Fiction LP FIC WAL 
Lucia, Lucia Trigiani, Adriana Large Print Fiction LP FIC TRI 
Lucy and Desi: The Legendary Love Story of Television's Most Famous Couple Harris, Warren G. Large Print Biography LP 92 ARN 
Lydia's Hope Perry, Marta Fiction FIC PER 
More Than Words Miller, Judith Fiction FIC MIL 
Mystic Guardian Rice, Patricia Large Print Fiction LP FIC RIC 
Not Easily Broken Jakes, T. D. Large Print Fiction LP FIC JAK 
Oh, Johnny Lehrer, James Large Print Fiction LP FIC LEH 
Old City Hall Rotenberg, Robert Large Print Fiction LP FIC ROT 
Once a Spy Thomson, Keith Large Print Fiction LP FIC THO 
Our Kind of Traitor Le Carre, John Large Print Fiction LP FIC LeC 
Plain Proposal: a Daughters of the Promise novel Wiseman, Beth Fiction FIC WIS 
Ravens Green, George Dawes Large Print Fiction LP FIC GRE 
Ray of Light Gray, Shelley Shepard Fiction FIC GRA 
Sammy's House: a novel  Gore, Kristin Large Print Fiction LP FIC GOR 
San Andreas MacLean, Alistair Large Print Fiction LP FIC Mac 
Sea of Glory: America's Voyage of Discovery Philbrick, Nathaniel Large Print Nonfiction LP 305.8 PHI 
Second Sight Hine, Robert Large Print Nonfiction LP 362.4 HIN 
Seeking Enlightenment...Hat by Hat Barr, Nevada Large Print Biography LP 92 BAR 
Shadows of Lancaster County Clark, Mindy Starns Fiction FIC CLA 
Sham Rock: a mystery set at the University of Notre Dame McInerny, Ralph M. Large Print Fiction LP FIC McI 
Simple Secrets Mehl, Nancy Fiction FIC MEH 
Stones Into Schools: Promoting Peace with Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan Mortenson, Greg Large Print Nonfiction LP 371.823 MOR 
Surrender the Heart Tyndall, M. L. Fiction FIC TYN 
The Assault on Reason Gore, Al Large Print Nonfiction LP 973.931 GOR 
The Christmas Visitor Byler, Linda Fiction FIC BYL 
The Four Agreements Ruiz, Miguel Large Print Nonfiction LP 299.7 RUI 
The Increment: a novel Ignatius, David Large Print Fiction LP FIC IGN 
The Irresistible Henry House Grunwald, Lisa Large Print Fiction LP FIC GRU 
The Last Dickens Pearl, Matthew Large Print Fiction LP FIC PEA 
The Letters: a novel Fisher, Suzanne Woods Fiction FIC FIS 
The Little Book Edwards, Selden Large Print Fiction LP FIC EDW 
The Manny Peterson, Holly Large Print Fiction LP FIC PET 
The Moon and the Sun McIntyre, Vonda N. Large Print Fiction LP FIC McI 
The Perfect Hope Roberts, Nora Fiction FIC ROB 
The Perfect Mile: Three Athletes, One Goal, and Less Than Four Minutes to Achieve It Bacomb, Neal Large Print Nonfiction LP 796.42 BAS 
The Phony Marine Lehrer, James Large Print Fiction LP FIC LEH 
The Portrait Pears, Ian Large Print Fiction LP FIC PEA 
The Private Lives of Pippa Lee Miller, Rebecca Large Print Fiction LP FIC MIL 
The Romantics: a novel Mishra, Pankaj Large Print Fiction LP FIC MIS 
The Rose Legacy Heitzmann, Kristen Fiction FIC HEI 
The Sacred Shore Oke, Janette Large Print Fiction LP FIC OKE 
The Scarlet Contessa: a novel of the Italian Renaissance Kalogridis, Jeanne Fiction FIC KAL 
The Sea Banville, John Large Print Fiction LP FIC BAN 
The Silent Twins Wallace, Marjorie Large Print Nonfiction LP 942.9 WAL 
The Solitude of Prime Numbers Giordano, Paolo Large Print Fiction LP FIC GIO 
The Story of a Marriage Greer, Andrew Sean Large Print Fiction LP FIC GRE 
The Street of a Thousand Blossoms Tsukiyama, Gail Large Print Fiction LP FIC TSU 
The Translator: A Tribesman's Memoir of Darfur Hari, Daoud Large Print Nonfiction LP 962.404 HAR 
The Truth of the Matter Dew, Robb Foreman Large Print Fiction LP FIC DEW 
The Unlikely Spy Silva, Daniel Large Print Fiction LP FIC SIL 
The Watcher in the Shadows Ruiz Zafon, Carlos Juvenile Fiction YA FIC RUI 
Tourmaline Scott, Joanna Large Print Fiction LP FIC SCO 
Tree of Smoke Johnson, Denis Large Print Fiction LP FIC JOH 
Unsinkable: The Full Story of the RMS Titanic Butler, Daniel Allen Nonfiction 363.12 BUT 
Wesley the Owl: The Remarkable Love Story of an Owl and His Girl O'Brien, Stacey Large Print Nonfiction LP 598.9 OBR 
When Strawberries Bloom Byler, Linda Fiction FIC BYL 
Wolf Winter Francis, Clare Large Print Fiction LP FIC FRA 
Showing 109 items