Bringing the Library to the User Campaign Plan

Organizational Statements


The goal of the Clearfield County Public Library is to provide quality services and programs that engage, empower, and enrich the lives of all Clearfield County residents.


Engage, Empower, Enrich

Organizational History

The Clearfield County Public Library has provided mobile library service for the Clearfield County region for more than 75 years. The first several Bookmobiles that operated in Clearfield County served primarily schools. In 1965, a federal bill for improving library service to rural areas allowed the purchase of a walk-in Bookmobile that was designed to serve the entire family. The last three Bookmobiles were purchased in 1976, 1991, and 2003. 

Since 1940, the Clearfield County Public Library Bookmobile has visited more than 20 communities throughout our rural county to provide materials, programs, and services to encourage literacy, reading, and lifelong learning. In addition, the Bookmobile stopped at several personal care facilities, nursing homes, and public schools.

Case for Support

The Clearfield County Public Library is dedicated to bringing quality materials, services, and programs to the rural communities located throughout Clearfield County. In order to provide a 21st Century Library experience, the board of directors has launched a capital campaign to fund the purchase of a new specialized outreach vehicle.

With a funding goal of $120,000, the Mobile Outreach Services Vehicle, nicknamed MANDY (Mobile, Accessible, Network, Delivering YOUR information needs), will be economical to operate resulting in more materials, programs, and services.

Service Area & Locations

The Clearfield County Public Library serves a state appointed service population of 46,293. The outreach vehicle will deliver materials, programs, and services to various venues throughout the region. Our highest priorities are to serve the isolated areas of the county that are not served by a “bricks and mortar” public library.

  • Community Locations: YMCA’s, volunteer run libraries, and community centers
  • Education & Childcare: public & private schools, daycares, and preschool centers
  • Parks & Recreation Locations: state and community parks
  • Senior Service Locations: personal care & nursing homes, senior housing facilities, and senior centers

Programs & Services

The new mobile services vehicle will provide an enhanced library experience for the citizens of the region by bringing the library to the people. The services offered by the Mobile Outreach Services vehicle include:
  • Community Education
    Programs offered throughout the region encouraging learning for all ages.
  • Delivery Service
    Delivery of library materials between the library facilities (Clearfield, Curwensville, DuBois, and Shaw) and to various venues upon request.
  • Lobby Visits
    Schedule stops at various locations within the county to allow individuals unable to visit a physical library the opportunity to browse for their own materials.
  • Pop-Up Library
    Brings the library to wherever there is a gathering of people.
  • Summer Reading
    Library materials and programs offered at various locations in the county to encourage recreational reading and lifelong learning.
  • Technology Visits
    Assistance to individuals to learn basic computer skills, use of library electronic resources, and understand today’s digital world.

Target Audience

The plan for reaching the $120,000 project goal is a countywide solicitation with the following main priorities:
  • Contact businesses, corporations, and professionals
  • Personal connection to individual prospects
  • Direct mail to clubs , civic groups, and municipal government entities

  Planning Period  November 2017 – March 2018
  Campaign Committee Training  April 4, 2018
  Silent Phase  April 8 – May 4, 2018
  Bringing the Library to YOU Launch Event  May 3, 2018
  Public Phase  May 4 – 26, 2018

Donor Levels & Naming Opportunities
The Clearfield County Public Library is a 501 (c) (3) organization. All financial contributions to the library are tax deductible to the extent the law provides.
  • Leadership $15,000+ *
    Your name on the side of van, outreach banner, promotional material, and website
  • Advocate $7,500 *
    Your name on the back of the van, outreach banner, and website
  • Sponsor $5,000 *
    Your name on a book cart used for outreach services, outreach banner, and website
  • Associate $2,500
  • Patron $1,000
  • Sustainer $750
  • Donor $500
  • Subscriber $250
  • Supporter $100
* Recognition naming is guaranteed for 5 years.